It is difficult to explain what we do without touching sensitive issues involving our clients.

We can say that Pressinform is an independent, Hungarian-owned, premium-level communications agency that has played a pioneering role in the introduction of public relations in the Hungarian market.

But we should not disclose to the public how a company’s product counterfeiting practice turned into a national issue and a subject of parliamentary debate; how we preserved a company’s reputation and market position during the bird flu epidemic or another’s during the Hungarian paprika scandal.

It is no one’s business how a large post-socialist company turned into a blue-chip one listed on the stock exchange, how another company carried out a complex reorganisation programme, or how a strike that paralysed the national airline company for a week was eventually settled. Or how we managed the decade’s biggest banking market transformation, the market expansion of one of the world’s biggest technology companies; how we train public actors and top managers to give interviews and persuasive speeches to hundreds of their employees.

In our business, it is best to put the customer in the spotlight while keeping the agency in the background.


Some see trees, we can see the wood

We have a single purpose: to support and promote the strategic interests and values of our clients. All the rest is just the means. We manage external and internal communications as part of an integrated strategy, in close interaction with each other – from strategic planning to marketing, sales, HR and all branches of the back office. We believe that this is the key to professionalism and the only way to achieve this aim.
We are experienced senior management communication consultants, at home in all strategic fields where communication requires a complex senior management approach and competence.

30 years of experience

So far, we have worked with more than 200 premium clients such as the Bosch group, Siemens, Huawei, Philips, Xerox, Dell, OTP Bank, Richter Gedeon, Takarék National Cooperative Savings Banks’ Group, MALÉV Hungarian National Airlines, Antenna Hungária, MÁV National Railway Co. and the President’s Office of Hungary.
We have successfully managed the market launch and penetration of various multinational and domestic brands; the communication of numerous transformation projects, staff cuts, new investments, M&A and IPOs, liquidations and litigation, strikes and other crisis situations, and the development and implementation of sustainability programmes across a wide range of industries.

Premium clients, premium services

With 30 years of experience and a network of personal contacts, we conduct and train media relations and increase the market value of brands of companies, products, employers and top managers. The “advertising value” of the editorial media coverage we manage is close to nine billion forints a year – almost 30 times our turnover.

We produce high-quality, targeted content, whether it is media coverage materials, interviews, corporate brochures, executive speeches, external and internal publications, news magazines, blogs, websites, books or films.